Advising and Consulting

We help you manage your event by using diagnostic sustainability studies to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.

imagen asesoria inglesLOOM methodology: 

1. Identify the different vectors affecting the event:

  • Environmental: use of resources, choice of materials, reduction of emissions to water, soil and air and nature conservation.
  • Social: labour, health and safety standards, civil liberties, social justice, local community, cultural issues, accessibility, equity, cultural heritage and religious sensibilities.
  • Economic: ROI, local economy, market capacity, shareholder value, innovation, direct and indirect economic impact, market presence, economic performance, risk, fair trade and benefit sharing.

2. Analyse the impacts associated with these vectors.

3. Plan actions to mitigate any negative impacts and to enhance positive impacts (Sustainability Plan).

4. Implement and follow the agreed actions.

5. Measure the results obtained.

6. Post-event evaluation and communication.