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  • Increase event’s wow or surprise effect: impress participants through sustainability.
  • Enhanced image and reputation: increase the added value of an event by considering social, environmental and economic aspects.
  • Modernity: environmental and social awareness is the order of the day and the lack of such criteria is associated with outdated companies.
  • Increased competitiveness: opens the door to international clients and markets in which the importance of staging sustainable events is recognised.
  • Stimulate local market and culture by outsourcing responsible companies.
  • Reduced costs: the result of optimising the use of resources (water, energy, materials, etc.).
  • Waste minimization: proper waste management.
  • Reduced emissions: possibility of offsetting CO2 emissions, for example, through actions such as reforestation.
  • Commitment: society opts for companies that demonstrate social and environmental involvement by applying sustainable policies.